Bin Buying

One of the many fun facets of shopping at Funny Farms is the option of buying just what I want in the amount I desire. One can find all kinds of beans, steel cut oats, bulgar, 5 different types of rice, trail mix and the staples of cooking. Spices can also be had prepackaged in small quanities. Food stuffs can be purchased for large families or for those of us who find ourselves often cooking for one. it’s always fresh and always tasty!

Sequim's Newest Resident

He was born at 10:38 a.m., January 31st. Details: 7 lbs, 9 oz., 20.5 inches long, black hair, long fingers, and absolutely perrfect. Mom did great!
My apologizes for missing the midnight posting. It’s a long but not very interesting story. I’ll be back on line to visit your blogs very soon, but for the next couple of days, I’ll be posting pictures (thank you word press), but be off line. Soon…I miss it.

Theme Day….Something in My Town That Annoys Me

I confered with a friend, and honestly I couldn’t think of anything in Sequim that “annoyed” me. I like where I live…and then I was waiting in line at the dump. There it was…someone was throwing away something that could be recycled!…and there was a bunch of it. I whipped that camera out and snapped away. Not 50 feet away was a huge container proclaiming “Cardboard Only”. It bugs me for several reasons…but it really bugs me because we are now having to pay to transport our refuse off the Peninsula. Our landfill has closed…which is a whole other story.

Sunset – Repost

suns.jpgFor the first time, I missed the midnight posting. I just got back from the hospital where we had a “false alarm”. I’m a support person for a dear friend who is having baby number two. Daddy is out of town and I said I would try and remember what to do. I had planned to write in detail about all the wonderful items you buy in bulk at Sunny Farms. Instead you are getting a photo from my archives. Right now I am just tired and want to go to bed. I promise to be back later to visit your blogs.

Art In the City – Repost

Port Angeles, 10 miles to the West, is fortunate to have “art pieces” displayed in the downtown area. It’s a wonderful treat to walk downtown, stop, and admire. I like this momma and baby whale. Although it is rare to see Orcas in our immediate area, gray whales are not uncommon….and I looked all over for a plaque naming the author. Found one…couldn’t read it. Hum, foiled again.