The Dungeness Spit Park – Repost


I wish I could tell you that it had miraculously let up and I had an opportunity to take this photo at the “Dungeness Spit Recreation Park”. Sadly, it’s from my archieves. I think I am getting web feet. Now some of you might think…but you live in Washington…why are you complaining? Actually I live in “Sequim”, WA, the banana belt of the Olympic Peninsula. Our rain fall ususally averages 17 to 19 inches a year.

Missing Something? Repost

Here is my story… the boots fell out of someone’s truck. A kind hiker found them in the parking lot and hung them on the tree in case someone came back looking for them.
What’s your version?

PS. Today is my son-in-law’s 30th birthday. Not everyone can claim to have a perfect son-in-law, but 99% of the time…mine is A+ perfect.

The Trail at DWR – Repost

straitbyshannon (Small[1].jpg Photo by the best neighbor, SC.
The trail at the refuge is snow covered at the moment. Yet, at any time the park is open you will find people and their dogs taking a hike. it’s the perfect place to go with views of large and small ships. On a good day you can see Port Angeles, and one of my favorite places to visit, Victoria. I’ve broken the rules today to show you two pictures; the first one on an overcast day and the second, almost in the same place but facing the other direction, bathed in sunshine.