Our local Friends of the Library have a couple of small buildings behind the Library. One is a drop off location for donations, the other is a small outlet for their monthly sales of used books and both are popular spots. The donation window was loaded with books when I recently dropped off mine. And during the monthly sales sometimes it’s almost impossible to get into the book sale because there are so many people. Sequim is a community of readers.

A day in the life of the library

The Sequim Library is a very popular spot. I dropped in yesterday morning a few minutes before it opened. There were a dozen people waiting at the door. When the doors opened 16 of us poured in, with more steadily arriving.

It’s modest as libraries go but it’s got the goods and is well loved.

The Summer Reading Program is popular. The multi-colored shapes on this board all have children’s names, cultivating a new generation of book lovers.

Theme day: Library

Library lights

Welcome to the Sequim Library. I thought I’d start out with a view inside. Yes, there are plenty of books. But I really like the ceiling and light fixtures.

Library door

Our library is a welcoming place.

Library front

It’s also a busy community resource. I counted no fewer that eight people — including a family group of three generations — as I quickly shot these pictures.

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S'Klallam Library

There’s a gem of a little library located in Blyn, the tribal center of the Jamestown S’Klallam nation. The focus is on Native American culture and history and there is a wonderful selection of volumes if this is where your interests take you. Some volumes are for use only in the library but most are available for check out if you are local. I was thrilled to find two coffee table sized volumes of Edward S. Curtis photographs that are worth a return visit to linger over.

S'Klallam Community Center

The library is one of a collection of buildings that serve both the tribe and the broader community. The Jamestown S’Klallam host lectures and community events in this community center.

S'Klallam gateway totems

These totems create a beautiful gateway. In the distance is Sequim Bay.

Our very own Little Free Library

The Little Free Library “movement” has come to Sequim. Thanks to 12 year-old Tane Ridle, a miniature free library has opened for business. Tane built the tiny building above, a red barn, with his uncle’s help. His aunt stepped in to assist with stocking it. A Little Free Library allows its “patrons” – anyone who wants to – to take books for free. Returning the book is optional, as is contributing books to the shelves.

If you’re local and want to check it out, stop by 702 Kitchen-Dick Road. It’s at the top of a short driveway and there’s plenty of room to turn a car around when you’re done browsing. Click here to find other Little Free Libraries. Thank you, Tane!