Goodbye Christmas tree

We took the tree down yesterday and drove it over to Lazy J Tree Farm.   This was the longest we’d ever kept the tree up.  It was cheerful and this time of year we can use whatever cheer we can get.    My husband called me earlier today and said that he heard on that radio that this is the most depressing day of the year (third Monday in January).

I felt kind of bad seeing it lying there with all the other discarded ones.  But it will be turned into compost and start the cycle again.


I went down to feed the birds every day when it was snowy out.   Watching them, I’d feel bad because I never could toss it far enough to reach the back ones or the ones who were pushed out of the way.  The last day I had some nuts with me and used those and found that I could target the one I wanted to feed so much easier so the back ones could get fed too.