IHOP in Sequim Now Open

I have never been to an IHOP restaurant, but the amount of hits on the site recently for people Googling Sequim IHOP indicates to me people are clearly interested in when it’s opening. It opened yesterday and it was packed when we drove by to take this picture.   I just looked up the menu online and it’s not just pancakes and breakfast food like I was thinking, they have a pretty full menu.

IHOP #2072
1360 West Washington Street
SEQUIM, WA 98382-3230
360-683 2363

I won the birdhouse!


This is the birdhouse I talked about in the post a few days back regarding the Peninsula Driftwood Artist’s show and I found out yesterday that I won it in the raffle.  That made me very happy!  It was made by Dick Conger.  He called last night to let me know that I had won and I went to pick it up.   I met his wife too, such a nice couple.  I love unique birdhouses and I hadn’t seen one like this before.  I will decide tomorrow where I am going to hang it.