Two white goats

There is a pair of beautiful goats living in an enclosure on the way to Sunny Farms Market. I’ve planned for months to get a picture of them; last week they were sweetly posed, perched on a pair of boxes. I pulled the car over. As I headed toward them so did a woman walking down the street with a handful of grasses she’d picked just for them. They saw her coming. There went the pose.

One of them gave me a consolation profile and told me to try again another time. Will do.


This sweet piece of property is within walking distance of much of Sequim’s retail, Walmart, Home Depot, and other businesses. Not far away is a small housing subdivision. I suspect it’s one of Sequim’s heritage farms with at least 5-10 acres of land. A good part of the year there is at least a few head of cattle grazing.

First I noticed “For Sale” signs with “SALE PENDING” on them. Now it says “SOLD.” It’s such a pretty little farm. I hope it continues in agriculture rather than the never ending march of new housing.


This boat was working its way around Dungeness Bay last Monday. There are a couple of things they might have been looking for. Green crabs have been found here, an unwelcome, invasive species. And last month a fish farm in the San Juan Islands accidentally released tens of thousands of Atlantic salmon into Puget Sound waters. They don’t belong here either.