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Everyone should have a few happy places. I’ve been lucky enough to find that Sequim (pronounced “Skwim”), Washington is one of mine and luckier still that I live here.

I like to think that photography is about witnessing the world we live in, recording moments, exploring the overlooked. In a way I listen to quieter sounds of life and give them visual voice.

I have posted on Sequim Daily Photo since August 2011. I consider myself an amateur. I use a Nikon D7200 camera which is usually fitted with a Tamron 18-270 mm or 150-600 mm lens.

Stay curious. Explore and cherish your world.

Thank you for visiting Sequim Daily Photo!

3 thoughts on “About Kay”

  1. Kay, I know that you do not post your email so I have to use this method to contact you. I promise that I am not a stalker (I think you’ve gathered that already), but I have a small gift for you and need to mail it to you, if you will let me. It is nothing of monetary value, but it may be something you will use and hopefully enjoy over the years. It can go only to you in your part of the country (or perhaps to someone in Provence); I saw it, thought of you and knew that you had to own it. My email is on my profile so send me your address offlist, if you will agree that I found something you will probably enjoy! KateM

  2. Kay,

    We are planning to move to Port Townsend or possibly Sequim this summer. We also have a dog and would love to be near walking paths. Would it be possible to contact you about the Dungeness area?

    Thank you for all the photos. They make me feel like we’re there aleady.

  3. Kay,

    The City of Port Townsend is interested in using your August 23, 2013 photo of the Point Wilson Lighthouse on the cover of its 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update.

    Would you please email me about whether we could get a license from you to use the photo?

    Thank you very much.

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