How to make a postal postal carrier smile

I came across a long row of these mailboxes in Oregon, each as cute as the next one.

Someone had some great woodworking skills and wasn’t afraid to use them.

7 thoughts on “How to make a postal postal carrier smile”

  1. Now that is clever. I’m always on the lookout for interesting mailboxes. Someone was certainly talented, clever and very generous with their time and effort.

  2. These would be wonderful in a rural area. I would be run out of town in either West Hartford or Naples. We are VERY proper in both of those places.

    I pass the Spigot all the time, but decided that the time had come when I saw the red car parked next door. And I have saved some of the better fireworks photos so I can re-check the settings next year. (I also wrote them in the Notes file on my iPhone.) I resisted taking iPhone photos for a long time because pix on my previous iPhone 3 were mediocre and the images on my current iPhone 5 look mediocre on the screen while framing them, but I discovered that they are much sharper than the screen shows while framing. So, in recent months I take many more and think they are surprisingly good.

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