Art In the City – Repost

Port Angeles, 10 miles to the West, is fortunate to have “art pieces” displayed in the downtown area. It’s a wonderful treat to walk downtown, stop, and admire. I like this momma and baby whale. Although it is rare to see Orcas in our immediate area, gray whales are not uncommon….and I looked all over for a plaque naming the author. Found one…couldn’t read it. Hum, foiled again.

The Fountain at Lehman Court – Repost

One of the “shopping arcades” in downtown has a small metal fountain with a water animal theme.. I like this heron and the fish. I wish I could remember the name of the artist. It’s the pits getting old. I have now added a small notebook to my camera bag…just to write down things so when I get back I can write intelligently.