A King Size Toad

A week ago in the Sequim Gazette, they had a full page feature called, “So you think you know Sequim!” They showed 11 photos and ask the readers to identify where they were located in Sequim. This fat fellow is on Washington Street in front of the Econo Lodge.

I am away from home and will be posting some new…some old, photos. Borrowing words from Annie…I hope you will wait for me.


In most countries it’s called, football, but we are here in the US. These were some of the players at last Sunday’s game. The sport is becoming more and more popular…thank goodness. One year my female ESL students indicated they wanted to understand the game. Oh, boy did I love that unit. I don’t think my son-in-law thought I could do it…he didn’t know how many soccer games I attended when my kids were playing.