Best of the Peninsula – Golf

Cedars at Dungeness was named the best local golf course in last year’s “Best of the Peninsula” poll by the Peninsula Daily News.

I’m not a golfer, the but course looks well groomed and has beautiful views. A pro shop serves the golfer’s needs. There’s a bar and grill, Stymie’s, that serves good food all day and into the evening, and a restaurant, Cedars at Dungeness, for a more upscale dining experience.

The golf course and restaurants are another business venture of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe. So, of course, there is a totem pole. This one includes – what else? – a golf club. And a golfer friend points out golfing references to eagles and birdies carved into the pole.

Bald eagle youngster

I’ve seen more eagles in flight lately. One morning last week we saw five near the Dungeness bluffs and I saw another later in the day. This is an immature I saw near the Olympic Game Park near a group of trees that locals know are a good site for eagle watching. Each year an immature eagle slowly becomes more recognizable as it changes from an overall brown to the distinctive dark brown with white head and tail. This one is probably about three to four years old. The darker eye stripe is a third year trait, but the white head and tail and darker underparts may move it toward four.

I was interested to read that Ben Franklin, a respected naturalist, argued against naming the bald eagle as the U.S. national bird. He considered its scavenging of carrion and stealing fish from smaller ospreys “dishonorable.” An adult eagle will eat a lot of spawned-out salmon (carrion) but can also catch its own live prey.

A Dropped Stitch

Our local knitting shop, A Dropped Stitch, is the go-to place for knitters and weavers. It’s a sweet little store located on Bell Street, filled with beautiful supplies and plenty of good cheer.

They offer classes and tech support. And there’s even a spot toward the back of the store where yarnheads can hang out, knit, and spin woolly tales.

This post reminds me of the cable scarf I’ve been working on for months. It sits in a semi-neglected basket, growing so slowly you’d think perhaps it was ignored in lieu of blog posts.

The Elks Lodge

The Elks Lodge on Port Williams Road offers facilities for local events in addition to regular Elks functions. For instance, the Olympic Peninsula Mycological Society holds its very popular annual Wild Mushroom Show here. The Elks offer regular meals for the community and also share their RV facilities for a fee.

Tonight is Pub Night featuring steaks, shrimp, burgers and fries, fish and chips, salads, and reduced price beer and wine.