Seagull fly-bys

Here are more seagulls on the wing. They’re doing fly-bys as a man on the bluff throws bread, which they catch midair. I like the play of light and shadow.

People here regularly throw bread to the seagulls. Gulls are world class scavengers and I doubt that they would go hungry without handouts. But I’m not sure human bread constitutes a healthy diet.

A week of birds in Sequim – Northern harrier

Here is a female northern harrier (Circus cyaneus) looking for dinner. Like other raptors, their beaks are hooked and they have strong legs and sharp talons. Members of this bird family, Accipitridae, have eyesight that is four to eight times better than that of humans. Notice how the long, narrow outer primary feathers on the wing to the right separate into “fingers.” These “fingers” allow birds to fly at lower speeds without stalling.

By coincidence my posts for the rest of this week are all about birds. Check in for more shots of feathered friends.

Sticky buns

Our friends Gene and Miriam brightened our day yesterday when they showed up at our front door with this treat — homemade sticky buns. Sticky, gooey, and especially delicious with tea or coffee. I was on the phone — yet again — with tech support to reestablish our Internet connection. Otherwise I would have included these fine bakers in the picture.

Is there anything you especially like with your coffee or tea?

Presents for pets

The first year our beloved dog Nyla was part of the family she had no gifts. Family gathered around, tearing into gift wrap, oohing and aahing over presents. As the wrap and ribbon settled and the excitement quieted, we turned to see Nyla lying with her head nestled between her front paws. The only word for the sad eyed expression on her face was “forlorn.”

This is Chord above. He is a cheerful soul, though here he’s saying, “Come on, not this hat again!” You should see the expression on his face when we unwrap a toy for him at Christmas.

Do you have companion animals in your life? If so, do they get presents when your human family exchanges gifts?