Holiday Lane

We recently went to Diamond Point, a little community located on the east side of Sequim Bay. Diamond Point Road serves as the main road into most of area. This time of year it becomes “Holiday Lane.”

Trees and shrubs all along the road are festooned with Christmas tree ornaments. Large and small, grouped and sparse, there are thousands of ornaments brightening the roadway.

Both sides of the road are decorated for about four miles, an impressive expression of holiday cheer.

A visit to Johnson Creek Trestle

Johnson Creek Trestle, a former railroad bridge, is part of our Olympic Discovery Trail system. It is 410 feet long, with a graceful curve, banking slightly, features that add to its strength and stability.

It is the largest railroad trestle on the Olympic Peninsula and rises 86 feet above the creek below.

Click here for more information about the Johnson Creek Trestle history.

Autumn glimpses

Weather forecast: Rain and winds, certain to defoliate trees that have been strutting their finest autumn stuff.

I’ve been trying for weeks to get shots I’m happy with. Even when I’ve been tickled with the light the camera hasn’t caught what I’ve seen.

So as the rains began I took some now-or-never shots. These are some of local commenter “SAM’s” favorites.

In the “Evergreen State” hillsides filled with fir, cedar, and pine trees glow with bright spots of deciduous trees saying goodbye before they take a winter snooze.

Around the gardens

The Japanese Garden at The Butchart Gardens is sublime. Like virtually every other part of the gardens, there is beauty at every turn. But the mood of the Japanese Garden is subdued, quiet, contemplative. There are several groves ideal for peaceful meditation though it may be a challenge if you factor in your dozens of new friends also enjoying the gardens.

The Italian Garden is so colorfully planted it’s almost blinding in bright light. This area of the property was originally a concrete tennis court. To the left is a former bowling alley. The Butcharts obviously had resources.

A rose garden is at the heart of the gardens, filled with hybrid tea, climbing, and rambling roses. It’s everything a rosarian dreams of.


It’s common to see horsetail (equisetum) in moist places around Washington. The way it radiates outward from its stem is interesting. But I hadn’t realized that it’s one of those plants purported to have numerous health benefits and has been used to treat various health issues since Greek and Roman times. And unlike most plants that reproduce from seeds, horsetail reproduces via spores. I’ll bet that’s more than you ever thought you’d know about horsetail plants. Click here if you want to learn enough to impress/bore unsuspecting friends and family.