Logging Ma n Pa2

This weekend is the Clallam County Fair and yesterday was the logging show. For the uninitiated (me, for instance), the show is focused on competitive skills: we watched sawing and axe throwing. What you see here is “Jack and Jill” two person manual sawing. Simply said, the couple is timed as they saw through a log as fast as possible. It’s like an instant snapshot metaphor of marriage in action.

Logging Ma n Pa

Logging is part of the local history and heritage here. I’ll show you more of the action tomorrow.


Fort Flagler State Park, on Marrowstone Island, is located adjacent to a U.S. Navy ammunition depot on Indian Island. As we camped last week we saw this aircraft carrier parked at the depot. It caught DH’s attention as it’s one of the few remaining of this type, similar to one he called home long ago.

This is the USS Nimitz on a very rare stop here, its fifth since it was commissioned in 1975. It’s a big ship, over 1,000 feet in length. It offloaded ammunition and conducted crew training while at Indian Island for about five days. It will move next year to Bremerton for maintenance and modernization.

Collage windplay

Fort Flagler State Park is a beautiful place to camp but it does get windy. Some of the most popular campsites are close to the beach in arguably the most windswept part of the park. Campers in this area celebrate the wind with all manner of flying and twirling color. This is just an assortment. There’s also an entire milieu of forms (flamingos, flags, and mushrooms come to mind) planted closer to the ground.