Parliament peekaboo

One of the prominent features in Victoria B.C.’s Inner Harbour area is the Parliament Building. The building is topped by a golden statue of Captain George Vancouver, the English explorer who surveyed the coastal Pacific Northwest and after whom Vancouver Island is named. Here you see Captain Vancouver peeking over the top of Parliament.


Variously called neo-baroque, Renaissance Revival and Romanesque Revival, the building was designed by Francis Rattenbury and completed in 1897.

Coho cart

One of the nice things about Sequim is the ease – and pleasure – of travel to Canada. A 90 minute ferry ride on the Black Ball Ferry M.V. Coho takes travelers across the international border into Victoria B.C.

Day trip or longer, it’s like travel in the olden days of the last century. Dare I say it? You don’t have to remove your shoes, belts, keys, or day packs as stern people x-ray you and your gear for overly large bottles of shampoo or lotion. The lineup for customs isn’t onerous and the agents are even polite, if not pleasant. It’s a welcome throwback.

I’ll show you some of what I saw on my recent trip to Victoria in the coming days.

Hood Canal clouds

Six years ago today we pulled up to our new home after two days on the road. Our house was completed…that day. It was twilight. As we walked to the front door we heard a chorus of coyotes in the distance. We took this as a greeting. We lived in Sequim now, at long last.

Here’s a shot of the Hood Canal taken not long after we arrived.