Collage windplay

Fort Flagler State Park is a beautiful place to camp but it does get windy. Some of the most popular campsites are close to the beach in arguably the most windswept part of the park. Campers in this area celebrate the wind with all manner of flying and twirling color. This is just an assortment. There’s also an entire milieu of forms (flamingos, flags, and mushrooms come to mind) planted closer to the ground.

C elm summer

Last spring I posted shots of an unusual Camperdown elm tree that is in Port Gamble, about an hour’s drive from Sequim. It caught my eye because it looked more like a visual puzzle of twisted gnarls than something resembling a tree. Take a look at it here. On our way back from the Kingston Ferry last week we stopped to take another look at it, above.

C elm

I was amazed at the lush growth, reaching fully to the ground around it. And in the middle was an opening that allows the curious to walk inside the canopy and have a look around.

C elm trunk

Leaves cover the twisted and bumpy trunk. Yet bits and pieces still peer out, almost like a forest gnome or something from a Grimm’s fairy tale.