The Feiro Marine Life Center in Port Angeles has a tank devoted to nudibranchs, also known as sea slugs. These are tiny invertebrates. For me, the closer you get the more beautiful they are. This little creature was only about an inch long.

Nudibranch 2

I’m not an underwater photographer. Hopefully you can see the delicate form of this tiny and beautiful animal.

Sea star

Here’s a more common sea star. I’ve added this one to the mix because it looks to me like a human on Superbowl Sunday after a few too many beers.

Anemone elegant

The Feiro Marine Life Center in Port Angeles allows visitors to take a close look at tidepool creatures without the hazards of slippery rocks and crashing waves. And the closer look an aquarium offers allows a glimpse at the stunning beauty and diversity of underwater life. For me anemones are a case in point.This one is aptly called an elegant anemone.

Anemone green

This is a giant green anemone.

Anemone pink

And I think this is a fish eating anemone. They’re not as benign as they may appear.

Click here if you’d like more information about tidepool life and where to tidepool on the Olympic Peninsula.

Child at Feiro

I explored the Feiro Marine Life Center in Port Angeles recently. It is a small educational center with aquariums as well as several tanks that allow visitors to touch sea life. The Center offers a representation of the more typical marine life of our region: nudebranchs, echinoderms, and cnidarians. Tomorrow I’ll show you examples of some of these critters.

Lady Washington

Rope was just rope most of my life before I met my DH. Sure, rope ties stuff down. It has utility. But add it to boats and sails and rope takes on a life of its own. Tall sailing ships, like the Lady Washington, above, seem to consume it by the mile.


So it should be no surprise that Longship Marine sells lots of rope.

More roap

I consider it eye candy but a sailor has an entirely different opinion.

Still more roap

There are lots of different kinds of rope. An informed consumer could tell you more than you’d likely care to know.

Longship Marine

Over the years I’ve been with my mariner I’ve spent time in a variety of chandleries, supply stores that cater to boats and boating. Classic shops have an assortment of new goods. The best, though, have had wondrous assortments of used items. In more recent years the shops with used goods have begun to vanish, making it ever harder for DH to find some of the finer items he wants that are sometimes no longer even made. I was pleased to discover Longship Marine on one of my trips to Poulsbo and we made a point of visiting recently. The shot above gives a sense of the place. Sort of a marine flea market…filled with a combination of basics and the occasional oddity.

Fake block

Beyond the cash register was an oddity: a block used in the film “Master and Commander.” There was only one left so hurry in if it’s a must have. By the way, it is functionally useless.

Real blocks

Don’t worry, Longship does have the real thing too.