Sequim's Newest Resident

He was born at 10:38 a.m., January 31st. Details: 7 lbs, 9 oz., 20.5 inches long, black hair, long fingers, and absolutely perrfect. Mom did great!
My apologizes for missing the midnight posting. It’s a long but not very interesting story. I’ll be back on line to visit your blogs very soon, but for the next couple of days, I’ll be posting pictures (thank you word press), but be off line. Soon…I miss it.

Making Mole – Repost

mole.jpgMy goodness, what a day it was! One of my students informed me he made a very good Mexican “mole”. That was what I wanted to serve for the son-in-law’s birthday dinner. I had no idea what all was involved. We started at 10 after he stopped at the Mexican store to buy the chilies. Then it was off to buy fresh chicken, corn tortillas, a plaintain banana, chipolte, tomatoes, onion, and cloves. We stopped off to borrow a pot from my daughter…none of mine were the right size…and at one point he had to go back to his house to get his blender…mine was puny in comparision. He also brought back a special pot to make the rice. We finally sat down at 3:30 with dinner to be served at 5. Was it worth it…oh, yes! Even if we did have to wash all those pots. I had every intention of visiting my friends blogs today, but did I mention those pots…they all needed washing….some more than once.pots.jpg

Quinceanera Bouquet

Last Saturday I was invited to attend a “Quinceanera” for a local young lady. This is a coming of age ceremony for 15 year old Hispanic girls. The ceremony itself is filled with traditions and is often part of a religious service. The bouquet is among the gifts given. The link I included above is connected to a commercial enterprise, but the information given is very accurate to those celebrations I have been privileged to attend. I would invite you to check out this information.

More Mexican Independence Day Celebration

This dancer is wearing a costume from the State of Vera Cruz. The cost of the costumes is off set by donations made to the group. They danced for an hour and a half. Before and after the dance, Mexican food was available. It was an awesome evening and a thrill to see so many of the performers that I know.

Mexican Independence Day

Our local Hispanic Folkloric group danced in front of a packed crowd, Saturday the 16th, in Guy Cole Convention Center at Carrie Blake park This year’s celebration featured dances from 7 different states in Mexico. Most of the costumes worn are purchased in Mexico. The dancers are composed of local business people, high school and middle school students. The local Hispanic Community wants to share their culture with their children and their friends who live here in Sequim.