Underwater duck

As we watched salmon swim upstream in the Dungeness River the other day suddenly this duck swam by in the other direction. I’ve seen ducks dive underwater but never had the opportunity to see one swim under the surface. It was a surprise and a treat. This shot was enhanced with Photoshop.

Eagle face 1

I lucked out last month when I had the opportunity to get some shots of an eagle in flight, closer than I’ve usually gotten.

Eagle face 2

Their wings are huge. This bird is just coming into maturity. Its tail isn’t yet as pure white as an adult’s and there is still some mottling in its body.

Northern plover

This little guy or gal was avidly hunting dinner when I came upon it at Hobuck Beach in Neah Bay. Our camp neighbor, a birder, identified it as a northern plover but I haven’t found it in my bird book. Anyone else care to make a guess?