Just ducky

My new zoom lens helps me get a better bead on the many ducks around here. This, for instance, is a hooded merganser. They’re a fairly common year round resident but not a duck I’ve photographed before.

Their stripes and bright contrasts make a pair of them look almost like an abstract.

This mini fleet includes two females, less striking when compared to the male’s bright plumage.

Trumpeter swans

In recent winters I’ve been delighted to find small flocks of trumpeter swans foraging in open fields. I started searching a few weeks ago. Last week a few of them showed up for a day near the Dungeness River.

It was late in the day, shooting into the sun, at a distance. Not optimum. But this pair ignored me and stayed in place.

The rest of the mini flock hunkered down a bit beyond a field of chard.

I haven’t seen these magnificent birds again in the same field. But now that I know a few are here I’ll keep looking to see if the rest of the gang has caught up.