One of the local northern harriers taunted me again the other day. This time I got a little closer. This is what a female harrier looks like at the last moment before she gets annoyed enough to fly off.

In case you’re wondering: Yes. Our dog was on leash.

Collage Eagle

We’ve begun seeing eagles again. I watched two from my kitchen window the other day as they rode thermals and soared lazy circles in the sky. I can think of exciting entertainment worth seeing but a free show like that? Truly makes my heart go pitter pat.

This collage is from a series of shots I took of a young eagle I saw last year. It was a personal highlight from 2014.

Totem heron

I showed you a closeup of this great blue heron yesterday. He was perched in an unlikely spot, on top of a totem pole at the Cedars at Dungeness. And he seemed quite comfortable hanging out there. We saw him as we arrived for lunch and he was still perched there when we left.

Totem heron 2

It was an interesting sight. Here’s a longer view.


I can’t tell you how many harriers around here have harassed me by perching on a post, just so. If I don’t have a camera they let me get tantalizingly close. If I am packing a camera they either turn away completely or fly off before I get anywhere in range. I take it personally.

This one figured he was off the hook because he blended so well with the background. Or maybe it was the smallness of my new camera. But I’m not proud. I’ll take the best I can get. Take that, Mr. Harrier!