Wet weather brings inland flocks of gulls that move from yard to yard eating earthworms that are driven to the surface by water. The gulls squabble over landing rights, territory, and whatever else gulls find to fuss about.

That is standing water you see in the foreground. Yesterday we saw small birds happily bathing and splashing about in our grass. It’s been worse.

Canada goose

We had enough rain last Sunday to cause minor flooding in our yard. There is a small seasonal pond that catches runoff from our roofs and it overflowed. That caught the attention of Canada geese and mallard ducks that have visited all week. I know the geese can be an annoyance but if they don’t overstay their welcome they can be very pretty.

March eagle

One of these days when I see an eagle in a tree I hope I’ll have time and patience to park myself nearby and wait until I can catch it in flight. Lately the only ones I’ve seen on the wing have gotten away by the time I’ve whipped out and pointed my camera. In the meantime, I’m still always delighted to see these formidable birds.

Hummingbird March

We’ve begun to see hummingbirds again. My bird book says they’re here year round. Maybe I’m in hibernation but I generally don’t see them in winter out in the wild.

I think this may be a female Anna’s hummingbird.

Daily eagle

There have been more eagles around these days. The day before I saw this one I had the pleasure of watching one in flight from my kitchen window. Earlier on this day I also spied a kestrel perched on a wire. And the local harriers have seemed more active. More signs of spring, perhaps?