Three eagle day


Two eagles flew overhead as I walked earlier on the day that I spied this fellow. Eagles fly fast. This one stayed in place. He gets the fame and glory.

Note for those interested in night skies: Tonight is a supermoon. This full moon is 14% closer and will appear 30% brighter than a typical full moon. It’s the closest the moon has been in 68 years and will be the biggest and brightest we’ll see until 2034.

Western wood-pewee

Lake Wenatchee, WA
Lake Wenatchee, WA

I like trying to catch photos of birds I see. Then comes trying to identify the bird. It feels like a minor triumph when I think I’ve succeeded. But sometimes the fun part is just learning its name. “Western wood-pewee.” Or “pewee” to you.

Ok. If you want to get proper and formal it’s “Contopus sordidulus.” Where’s the fun in that?

Cedar waxwings

Cedar waxwing 2

Cedar waxwings (Bombycilla cedrorum) have to be one of the prettier birds in this area. They have a soft, tawny brown color with black masks around their eyes.

Cedar waxwings

Right now these birds are a favorite because during this part of summer they feed on insects. A large group of them perch in this tree and constantly hunt mosquitoes in a marshy area of Dungeness Recreation Area. These shots were taken on two different evenings as we watched them hunt.

They’ve had plenty of mosquitoes to eat this year. Go, waxwings!