Hummingbird March

We’ve begun to see hummingbirds again. My bird book says they’re here year round. Maybe I’m in hibernation but I generally don’t see them in winter out in the wild.

I think this may be a female Anna’s hummingbird.

Daily eagle

There have been more eagles around these days. The day before I saw this one I had the pleasure of watching one in flight from my kitchen window. Earlier on this day I also spied a kestrel perched on a wire. And the local harriers have seemed more active. More signs of spring, perhaps?

Audubon Center

I don’t think I’ve shown the Dungeness River Audubon Center before. It’s a great local resource for birding and natural history information in addition to being a site for other community education events. A garden next to the building provides signage identifying many native plants and feeders draw lots of birds. Railroad Bridge Park nearby borders the Dungeness River although the historic railroad trestle bridge is closed due to flood damage that undermined one part of the bridge. (I have to return another time to retake photos of the bridge. They weren’t up to par.)


Red-winged blackbirds hang out here year round. This fellow repeatedly chortled his song as I took his picture and each time he did he displayed his wings. We thought he was showing off for nearby ladies but my Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior calls it a territorial display. Sort of a birdie version of “MySpace.”

I love that shoulder patch. It’s a great flash of color in winter.