Watch quail

This male California quail took up watch duty while his female partner pecked around below. The males seem to be pretty gallant this way when pairs are out looking for a meal.

Hummer heaven

It looks like someone may be seeking a solution to the perennial problem of hummingbird-feeder-hogging. If you’ve ever had a feeder like one of these you know what I mean. One feisty hummer claims it and makes it his or her life’s work to chase off any other birds (or insects) that have the audacity to approach. If you’re tired of daytime television it can be quite entertaining.

I don’t know if this works. It might…as long as one pushy hummer tries to claim them all.

Tree swallow

Tree swallows are among the earliest birds we’ve seen nesting around our neighborhood. They’re typically the first to move into our birdhouses and they won’t broach prior claims. Let’s just say they take what they want.

They are spectacular to watch in flight. I prefer not to overuse the word, but “awesome” really fits here. They hunt for flying insects and eat on the wing. The aerobatics are stunning for their speed and midair maneuvers. And those blue feathers you see above are beautifully iridescent as they catch the light.