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From June of 2010 until August of 2011 Shannon, published Sequim Daily Photo.  Shannon’s photos will remain in the archives

Kay is taking over the publication of Sequim Daily Photo.

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  1. Thank you so much for your photos! My husband and I and my two young boys visited Sequim a year ago and absolutely fell in love with it. We want to move there so badly we can taste the lavendar and all the greenery. It is what we call ‘heaven on earth’. Hopefully one day we will call it home. Until then, we will keep checking for more wonderful pics!

    From Phoenix AZ

  2. Shannon,
    Thanks so much for the pictures. My husband and I are considering retiring to Sequim in about 5 years and you are definitely influencing me! What are the birds featured in today’s picture (8/26/10)? Also, if you don’t mind me asking: your About Shannon page shows a young couple and talks about “we had vacationed. . .” and “we are on a mini escape.” But your snow picture talks about your grandson and you sound solo. I’m not trying to pry. I’m just trying to get a sense of who you are. No matter who that happens to be, however, your pictures are WONDERFUL and very much appreciated.
    Louise in Phoenix

  3. Louise,

    “Lavender Lady” Norma is our friend and neighbor. She had done this site for the last couple years and then had to give it up because of her schedule…so I took it over starting June 1st. When you see pictures before that, those are Norma’s pictures.

    Shannon : – )

  4. My story “may” be similar to your own if I have “my” way. We visited Sequim briefly in August on a trip from my daughter’s home in Tacoma to the Olympic Game Farm. I had no idea the effect that visit would have on my life plans. I am seriously considering retiring in a few years. My wife is NOT sold on that idea. YET. We plan to visit Sequim for several days in mid-may. Your daily photos are a daily site I check. I even decided to follow your lead and start a site of my own. Today was day #1.

  5. Love your photos. My family and i made our first trip out west last year. We spent time in the Orcas Islands and Mt Hood area. We loved it. I happened on to your daily photos and they are lovely, warm, and inviting. We have never been to Sequim but will put it on our list for our next trip out west. See you spring of 2011.
    Shary, Chicago IL

  6. Your comment Shannon – My husband and I have relatives that live in Sequim and after visiting there for the first time 5 years ago, I ran across SequimWADailyPhoto website. I have visited it every day since our first visit and always enjoyed Norma’s photos and now yours. You are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work! Everytime I go to your website, it gives me such a peaceful, calming effect from living in the big city. We love Sequim!

  7. Hi Shannon, I just came across your website and I absolutely love it! My husband recently got a job in Sequim and moved there on October 1st. I would have loved to join him, but I had another three months left on my contract and so I am stuck here in Sweden while he sets things up in Gardiner!.Watching your pictures gives me more of an idea of what our life there will be like, and I can´t wait to move there in late December! So thank you for doing this, your pictures are amazing!

  8. Hi, I’m writing a book about melons and LOVE your photo of the pile of cantaloupes at the market. Would be very interested in talking to you about using it in the book. Please e-mail me at to discuss, if you’re interested. I’m in Canada now, but grew up in Seattle/Bellingham, so your pictures are extra fun for me! Thanks! Sylvia

    1. Sylvia, that photo was by Norma who ran this site before I did. I will let her know you are interested in it. Thanks for dropping by : – )

  9. Hello Shannon – I have been following this site for a while (since Norma was still in the driver’s seat) and I am always pleasantly surprised about how joyful your photos make me feel every time I peruse over them. Looking over the comments here, it is funny to note how many are from AZ (I live in Tucson myself). Thank you so much for continuing this site and providing us with a tiny peek into your beautiful piece of the country!

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