Two white goats

There is a pair of beautiful goats living in an enclosure on the way to Sunny Farms Market. I’ve planned for months to get a picture of them; last week they were sweetly posed, perched on a pair of boxes. I pulled the car over. As I headed toward them so did a woman walking down the street with a handful of grasses she’d picked just for them. They saw her coming. There went the pose.

One of them gave me a consolation profile and told me to try again another time. Will do.

7 thoughts on “Two white goats”

  1. Doesn’t that kind of thing just drive you up the wall or over the fence or … well, you know what I mean. And this happens so often with people totally oblivious to what’s going on. Still, these are good shots. I have mixed feelings about goats. Our youngest daughter raises them. Sometimes she keeps newborns in the house. She had one that was a bad, bad goat. It chased me, butted me, and tried to knock me over the fence. If there’s a goat heaven, that guy ain’t gonna get there. I’ve had that arranged!

  2. We see them often, on those boxes, on our way to Gaby’s Gourmet or Sunny Farms……the last time I said to my husband STOP!!! and I got the shot. Isn’t it maddening,…and there’s ALWAYS some car in back of us preventing us to really “get that shot”!

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