Winter eagle

I haven’t posted an eagle shot for a while. Have I mentioned that I saw only one bald eagle in all my years in California? It was very distant, across a valley, a tiny speck in my binoculars. After nearly eight years here I still get excited at every sighting.

9 thoughts on “Winter eagle”

  1. Around here eagles have made a terrific comeback yet some people feel that those facts are not entirely accurate. Despite looking for them on our own field trips, I have yet to spot one!

  2. Fabulous!!!!!! I never saw one in California either. Guess we both needed to move to this area to see them. I am thrilled each time I hear or see one. We were on Samish Island a couple years ago and there were many eagles – we had stopped to talk with a lady who was working in her yard and I commented on how wonderful it was that an eagle was in the tree just above our heads. Her reply was – “Ehh, we have a lot of eagles, I don’t pay much attention”. What a waste of a great experience – if I see 10,000 eagles in my life I will still be excited by each and every one of them. Super photo – so hard for me to capture them in flight. Hey – they say sunshine tomorrow – whooppee – what do you plan to do with the sunshine?

  3. I love eagles. I do see them here on occasion. Someone told me about a pair and eaglets in a location about seven or eight miles from me. I might go searching for it in a few days.

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