Dumb clucks

I was busily making Christmas cards with my crafty buddies the other day when we heard a ruckus outside. “Ducks? Do I hear ducks?” said Maribeth. We threw open the door in time to see a big flock of guinea fowl scurry past and disappear around the side of the building. But we also heard them in the back yard.

In all there was a flock of 18 of these turkey-sized birds making a ruckus as they pecked and fluttered their way across our yard. This is the second time we’ve been visited by guinea fowl. Last time, several years ago, it was a much smaller flock. They are domestic birds. Our local Audubon volunteers tell us that people raise, then tire of tending and release them. These fowl survived Thanksgiving but seem unlikely to outsmart the local coyotes.

7 thoughts on “Dumb clucks”

  1. I’ve heard of these birds but don’t think I’ve ever seen one. Are they edible and if so, do you know what they taste like and don’t you dare say they taste like guinea fowl! 😉

  2. Susie had guinea fowl when she lived in South Africa and she is thinking about getting some now she is back in Connecticut. They are funny little guys.

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