Lost in flowers

We spent a day at The Butchart Gardens while we were in Victoria B.C. last month. It’s one of my favorite beauty baths — total immersion in flowers, color, and a landscape perfected over more than 100 years.

The first time I went to Butchart, over 30 years ago, was in summer. This was the first time I’ve visited again in summer and the gardens were vibrant and filled with masses of seasonal favorites.

I’ve tried to pare down my photos to several days of favorites. Not easy. The place is a feast at every turn.

8 thoughts on “Lost in flowers”

  1. It really is a beautiful garden Kay, the link was super to check out too! I feel the same, love being surrounded by flowers and greenery.

  2. So beautiful. You can keep posting photos of this place as long as you want so far as I’m concerned. It’s interesting that you have a Butchart Gardens where you can share in much floral glory. We have a Busch Gardens (in Tampa) which is filled with bloomin’ idiots!

  3. A terrific spot for a flower-loving photog! I’ve been 8 times, though as it happens, never in the fall. Maybe next year?

    (And with any luck I hope(!) to be back on my feet this week-end, and slowly start with a camera again!)

  4. Hi again, Kay…I just saw your comment and your mention of the hurricane. Actually, we did very well. But the horse farm has done a lot of clean-up; they had several trees down and an immense amount of debris like branches and leaves, etc. Trilogy cleaned up quickly, too. But the golf course to too wet and there were places where lakes had formed which hadn’t been there the day before! But gradually things are getting back to normal. I’ve been reading about all the fires out west. That’s so sad. It sounds like some of those areas will never return to their former glory.

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