A common scene when one person in the walking group must stop to take pictures. It works much better when the waiting parties have patience. I’m lucky on that count.

5 thoughts on “Waiting”

  1. This is so true. But sometimes when we’re riding bikes, I stop to take a photo and Lois, unaware, keeps going. The good thing is she gets lots more exercise that way than I do.

    Thanks for your comment on Ocala. Very interesting.

  2. It seems to be a common event in our family. I’m always way behind everyone 🙂 Now my wife has gotten in to the habit with her camera. I’ll be talking and then notice she’s back there 🙂

  3. Nice composition, Kay. I find it works best for me if I go out by myself when I want to take photographs. Hard to do it and be sociable at the same time.

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