Blue hole

Pilots talk about the “blue hole” over Sequim. Weather patterns often favor Sequim with better weather than other spots in the region. And sometimes it means there truly is a blue hole in the midst of overcast. Exhibit A, above: blue hole.

5 thoughts on “Blue hole”

  1. Interesting. Before I saw your caption, a blue hole was my reaction, too. It certainly is distinctive with the beautiful cloud halo. Is that a bird I see on the branch of the tree?

  2. Very interesting. I think we have a blue hole in the Florida Keys…but it’s a pond in which lives (or lived) a large and friendly gator. We were there one time and a lady friend fed the gator popcorn. We didn’t realize until later how stupid that was as the gator was within a couple of feet of her on a small concrete ramp. 🙂

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