Fused, fired, and stained

Sequim’s new Civic Center has exhibit space on its ground floor where local artistry is showcased. The latest art in rotation is various forms of glassworks. The fused piece above, “Under the Sea,” is by Marilyn Brock.

“Running Horses,” above, is by Cindy Fager. It features both glass and rock.

This stained glass piece is called “Butterfly Lady” and was created by Millie Harrell.

The butterflies on this piece stand out from the glass, giving it more dimension than typical stained glass.

There are about two dozen pieces in the exhibit which is on view through March 31. It’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.

4 thoughts on “Fused, fired, and stained”

  1. A nice place to visit and spend some time. I do like stained-glass in most instances.

    Just taking a break, Kay. I get so involved with blogging that it consumes my life. I’m taking my life back. But I’ll doubtless be back as I do miss my friends, such as yourself very much.

    Best to you and thanks for caring!

  2. Beautiful art and it is nice that there will be a place for locals to exhibit their art creations. Running Horses is my favorite too. Rock and glass such a great combination.

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