Mother Nature does her thing

Last Saturday I’m sure this part of the trail at the Dungeness Recreation Area was open. We didn’t walk on Sunday. Monday, the way was blocked as you see here. The length of the trail from this overlook to the next is blocked.

Further down the trail at the next overlook you can peer back and see a gouge in the land where the undercut, sandy cliff gave way. Barrier posts that marked the edge of the trail are now dangling by their wire over thin air. We’ve lost track of how many parts of this trail have given way.

It reminds me: Years ago, driving through a desert pass, we came upon a jumble of rocks tumbled across the road. Trying to be good citizens, we stopped at the nearest outpost of civilization to report this road hazard. The man we breathlessly told looked across the counter at us, shrugged and replied, “That’s just Mother Nature doin’ her thang.”

4 thoughts on “Mother Nature does her thing”

  1. She giveth and she taketh away. I’m not sure if I just committed blasphemy 🙂

    A good spot, but they’re right to close off the trail until they can get things sorted.

  2. It’s amazing what “Mother Nature” can do. Or god. Some would say this is god’s will. One of the top golfers always thanks god when he wins a tournament saying it was god’s will that he won. I’ve heard lots of people it was god’s will when a baby dies a horrible death from a horrible disease. They don’t talk about Mother Nature then.

    One scientist found god in a mountain stream and was converted from his atheism right then and there. I wonder if he would have converted if he’d been buried in the rushing waters of a broken dam.

    Mother Nature can be beautiful, e.g., sunrise, sunset, but she can be a hellish monster also, as the people of the southeast have recently discovered when she sent them a bunch of tornadoes. It’s fascinating that many of the people involved did some mental hoop-jumping and concluded that if they prayed to god he would see them through this devastation, not once thinking that it was the creator god in which they believe that caused it!

    Oh well, here ends the sermon for the day.

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