8 thoughts on “Bid goodbye to summer”

  1. We often get a couple of days like that but not usually until January or February. And it doth mess up a garden for sure…as well as the grass. Beauty of a blossom, for sure!

  2. Nice image. It’s kind of sad but it’s that time of year again. Maybe that’s why we appreciate them so much when they come back. The year seems to fly by these days.
    Enjoy the day Kay!

  3. Lovely photo – my bees seem to want to flit about too much for a photo. We’ve put away the summer things – my flowers are about done – just pansies that will survive the winter. I need to get some bulbs put in pots for spring color. Rain and wind – and then rain – I like that pattern. If one has to endure autumn then rain is a good choice.

  4. Yup. It is happening.

    Nice flower photograph. Too often when I try to photograph a white flower up close, the details wash out. You did well.

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