Rose season

Rose 1

The native Nootka roses are in bloom which makes this one of my favorite times of the year. In addition to being delicately, wildly beautiful they are fragrant with a soft, heady, delicate scent.

Rose 2

These roses grow like weeds. Bushes of them can be found anywhere that conditions are right, which is, really, a lot of places.

Rose 3

I took these shots with a new camera I picked up recently, a little lightweight Lumix. My bulky, heavier SLR was often lounging at home on my daily walks. After I missed the latest eagle shot it was time to remedy the situation. I expect this new pal to come along more regularly. So far I’m pretty happy with it, especially since I’ve yet to crack open the manual.

6 thoughts on “Rose season”

  1. I am back again after a sad week. What beautiful images to see first thing this morning…thank you. And, your new camera must be terrific!

  2. I’ve never heard of these roses, but they are quite magnificent and to think they grow wild! Obviously your new camera is working very well. It’s amazing what the small cameras can do these days. I’m leaving my DSLRs at home more and more, too, using a variety of small Sony point-and-shoots.

  3. Great shots. Doesn’t it seem that the roses have just popped up all of a sudden and are everywhere – I love this time of the year – surrounded by wild roses.

  4. Pretty! I’ve encountered the same dilemma — missing a shot because I don’t want to lug my DSLR on my regular walks. I always have my phone at the ready, but it’s not the same. Let us know how your new camera works out longer term.

  5. Beautiful roses and fine shots. I still love my DSLRs and use them most of the time, but when I just head out for something quick and simple, I only have my iPhone or a small compact. The iPhone is surprisingly good. My little compacts vary from very good to you can have it.

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