Water works

Butchart Ross fountain 1

At one end of the Sunken Garden at The Butchart Gardens is a fine excuse to sit on a bench and be entertained. The Ross fountain is a mesmerizing water feature.

Butchart Ross fountain 2

The fountain cycles through an amazing display of patterns. It was created and installed in 1964 for the Gardens’ 60th anniversary by the grandson of the Butcharts, Ian Ross. The family still owns and operates the Gardens.

Butchart Ross fountain 3

The water flows through so many different movements it’s hard to know when a cycle has completed. Even with so much more of the beautiful gardens to take in it’s hard to pull away from this hypnotic view.

4 thoughts on “Water works”

  1. I’m so glad there are still people in this world who value beauty for its own sake and are willing to finance things like this fountain. I can see why you’d be mesmerized. It’s stunning!

  2. That is beautiful, and a delight!

    Regarding your comment in my post from yesterday, thinhorn sheep are commonly known as Dall Sheep, and they range in Alaska and the Yukon Territory.

  3. Beautiful! I am reminded of a somewhat similar fountain I saw two years ago on my drive north from Florida to Connecticut, when I stopped in Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens. It is a duPont property.

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