Local food

Sequim chee

Irresistible play on our local name.

If you don’t get it you may not know how to pronounce “Sequim.” It’s pronounced Skwim. Or perhaps you’re unfamiliar with kimchi, Korea’s national fermented vegetable dish. Kimchi, like other fermented foods (such as sauerkraut or pickles), is rich in probiotics, good bacteria that stimulate beneficial microorganisms that help keep your gut healthy.

And no. I haven’t tried it. Yet.

6 thoughts on “Local food”

  1. Our American cuisine has been so enriched by the food of other cultures. I LOVE experimenting with ethnic recipes. I am smitten with Asian food. Next on my list to try is Korean dishes, which I love when served in restaurants. It remains to be seen how I can duplicate some of them!

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