Winter sarcasm

Bikes and birches

These are bicycles. It may have been a while since you’ve been outside to ride one. You know, pedaling along, enjoying sun on your face and a soft breeze in your hair. Sun, you ask? Sun is that big, yellow thing up in the sky that makes an occasional rare appearance these days just to keep its reputation intact.

6 thoughts on “Winter sarcasm”

  1. Well, I was looking at the sun yesterday afternoon. It was about 70 degrees. The bikes were lined up in a row in the garage. Then I thought, “Nah. I’ll go hit golf balls instead.” So, I did. I hit them into the field behind us.

    Are you saying it’s been cold and rainy up in them thar parts?

    P.S. It’s bleak today, all overcast, but should reach 78 degrees.

    Have a good day whatever the weather!

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