Seattle shoreline

Seattle shore

We went to Seattle for a couple of days recently. The city has changed a lot since the first time I visited decades ago but it’s always stayed interesting. Now that I live in Washington state I have the pleasant option of sailing into town on a ferry. See the three construction cranes in this photo? It’s just an inkling of what’s going on in Seattle.

Seattle shore 1

A lot of the waterfront and the city is under construction. Because we don’t go there often it’s always an adventure to see where we’re rerouted when we try to go from Point A to Point B. DH lived here years ago but so much of the city has changed his insider knowledge is dated.

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  1. I was in Seattle for a convention in 1980. I can imagine it’s changed dramatically. I like it a lot, then, so I hope it hasn’t changed too much. Love these photos…so colorful and full of energy!

  2. Gorgeous photos – we don’t spend much time in Seattle. It is very confusing to us – we got lost one time, trying to go 7 blocks and ended up taking an hour and a half to finally figure it out – the one way street we needed to get to the Crowne Plaza changed from one way to two way a block farther than we kept trying – finally got it figured out and enjoyed a fabulous view of downtown and the Space Needle.

  3. I have only spent time once in Seattle, maybe eight years ago. Thought it was lots of fun. But, I would not recognize it from this perspective.

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