Did somebody say “lavender?”

Lavender harvest 1

Workers were busy harvesting lavender at Graysmarsh Farm this week. Soon bundles will scent cars and luggage as our visitors head home after this weekend’s Lavender Festival. Some farms pre-pick bundles for lavender lovers and some are harvesting the herb to dry or distill it for lotions, soaps and essential oil.

Lavender harvest 2

Professionals harvest and shape the bushes at the same time.


These bundles were waiting at Jardin du Soleil last week. Lavender bouquets typically run $5 to $6.

9 thoughts on “Did somebody say “lavender?””

  1. The colour and aroma are simply wonderful! Okay I can SEE the colour but I’m imagining the smell. I lost my lavender plants last winter due to the extreme cold. Very sad.

  2. Ahh the scent – especially on a warm day like today – we spent the day on Guemes Island, didn’t see any lavender but the weather was divine. Picnic on the beach – tour of the island – such fun. Don’t you love the warm weather.

  3. My daughter would be in heaven. She has planted lavender bushes at the gate to her farm, and they are among her favorite plants. Glorious color and glorious scent!

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