Happy Easter!

Sees egg

Bunny or eggs? Jellybeans? Marshmallow chicks?

See’s chocolate eggs have long been my Easter treat of choice. See’s Candy is a San Francisco institution and it’s sold here and there in Washington state. This year I resisted. They never last. I start with a little taste and walk away. The whole day goes like that. “I’ll stop after this one.” Who am I kidding?

I thought I’d actually be virtuous this year and stay away from chocolate completely. I weakened in the end. There’s a chocolate bunny on my agenda today. The ears go first.

8 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

  1. I agree – ears first – but my chocolate bunny already is earless – poor thing – guess I’d better munch some more so it doesn’t feel left out – chomp chomp

  2. I understand your problem perfectly. My dear wife loves the Vanilla Cream eggs – the big ones. If she gets it a week before Easter, well, the party’s over in a couple of days! 🙂

  3. For me it’s always chocolate bunnies and chocolate and cream eggs. I could care less about jelly beans or marshmallow peeps.

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