Theme Day: Aging


When did it happen? The day you stopped shooting hoops with your best friend? When you lost your love and it robbed your joy? After the close call, the near accident you didn’t see coming? When your knee, your hip, your vision wasn’t what it used to be…and the world began to get very small?

Today’s City Daily Photo theme is Aging. Click here to see interpretations of the theme from photographers around the globe.

15 thoughts on “Theme Day: Aging”

  1. Amazing shot. I always wonder about things like this – at what point did this no longer play a part in their lives? What made them stop their regular routine?

  2. Oh, my! Is that moss? Completely covering the basket? And that car… You said it well, Kay. What happened that triggered the decline of this place and no one intervened…?

  3. Kay, brilliant!! The text as well as the photo. I don’t know how you found this, or why we didn’t see it before. A gem.

  4. my goodness I hope this is not your neighbors .. great narrative .. love your questions and my guess is that in this instance aging stating when he/she stopped playing basketball .. you have to stay engaged

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