Going backwards

Barn n Clouds

Sometimes I drive myself crazy. And I do it especially — and literally — driving. I see a great shot, then try to figure out if I should stop and take a picture. Then I look for a place to stop. And now, since I’m some distance from the shot, I have to figure out where to turn around. Occasionally the shot is still there by the time I get back.

Monday the sky was full of cloudy drama. The light was great. Then I spent a long time. Driving. Myself. Crazy.

Message to City Daily Photo bloggers: The photo challenge for February 1st is If you had to leave forever the city from which you usually post, what would you miss most?

9 thoughts on “Going backwards”

  1. Photography will do that to you – drive you crazy. But, in the end, it’s worth it – usually, especially when you get the picture. Do you get the picture? 🙂 You got this one. Nice barn.

  2. Well I’m glad the barn decided to stay put while you made your turn arounds. Don and I do this all the time – see something as we pass it – I want a photo – he finds a place to turn around – and usually we are headed to a specific location so after the photo we have to turn around again. We sometimes meet ourselves coming and going. But I’m so thankful he is so patient and turns around and around – I’ve heard so many ladies say “My husband would NEVER stop and go back for a photo – or even just stop for one, without turning around.” I simply feel amazed, first that someone would refuse a simple pleasure, and second that they would tell others how thoughtless and rude their husbands are.

    I love the farm picture – that is one magnificent barn – great clouds. We’re getting more rain today – hoping for a few sunbreaks this weekend – I’ve not been out since I caught cold two weeks ago – I feel the need for a photo fix.

  3. The light in this shot is gorgeous.

    My aunt will turn a four hour road trip into a six hour road trip by stopping to photograph. And since she’s the only one who’s currently allowed to drive (my uncle’s days of driving are over), my uncle has no say in it!

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