Progress report

Civic Ctr Dec 14

It’s time for another look at the new Sequim Civic Center. It’s definitely coming along. Now with paneling applied to the exterior walls, it’s easier to visualize its eventual scale.

You can see here the obvious progress since the last shot that I posted in September from a similar perspective.

Civic Ctr 2 Dec 14

Here’s another view from what I think is the back of the building.

6 thoughts on “Progress report”

  1. I, too, like to watch and record the progress of important construction in our city as I did with our neighborhood library this past season. Your civic center is going to be large. Bet you can’t wait ’til it is finished!

  2. There has definitely been some progress. I’m guessing that your winter is mild enough they can continue working. Now if only you could find some “civic’s” for the center. Heh, heh.

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