Noisy neighbors

Sea lions 1

We spent a night in Astoria, Oregon last week and arrived to our hotel room after dark. I’d requested a quiet room and the staff accommodated us. The floor seemed deserted, so I was puzzled when I heard a raucous hubbub. TV next door? Nope. The hotel was at the edge of the Columbia River near a small marina. When I opened the window I quickly recognized the sound of sea lions. The barking was incessant. Not enough to keep us awake, thankfully. I simply had no idea just how many were there until we took a walk the next morning.

Sea lions 2

Some of the critters were content to lounge. Others had a lot to say.

12 thoughts on “Noisy neighbors”

  1. Oh my gosh — I love it! What an unexpected surprise for you. Glad they settled down enough for you to sleep. I’ve had loud ducks keep me awake…can’t imagine how loud these guys could’ve been. Btw, thanks for your recent comments at SDP. Feels like we’ve had a good catch-up.

  2. A real congregation. Friend who winter in La Jolla indicate that there is also a distinctive odor that accompanies these animals. Did you note that, too?

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