Moving house

House moving

This house used to be on a knoll overlooking Highway 101. If I remember correctly, I think it was a real estate office that closed a few years back. Then one day not long ago it was parked not far off Highway 101 and Kitchen Dick Road. And next it made its way north on Kitchen Dick to this location near Bon Jovi. It’s been parked there long enough that it looks as if it might stay. And I’ve thought that packing up and moving house was a lot of work. This gives it a whole new meaning.

7 thoughts on “Moving house”

  1. I am always so happy to see an old house saved. I hope their renovations are fabulous. There is one of these old houses near us that sure could use some moving and renovating

  2. It must be a lot easier moving a house out there, with the wide open spaces. I have seen some handsome Victorian houses being moved in Hartford. It is a fascinating process to watch.

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