Inside the Royal B.C. Museum

Museum street

One of my favorite features of Victoria’s B.C. Museum’s is its “Old Town,” a recreation of the early days of Victoria. Old Town is a walk through time, one of several large and realistic dioramas of British Columbia history. Small shops and windows display merchandise that might have been available to the well-heeled. A tiny “Chinatown” includes an herbalist.

Museum kitchen

The curtain flutters in a light breeze and – really! – there’s the scent of apple pie in this kitchen.

BC museum bar

There’s a bar on the ground floor of a hotel. Upstairs you can gaze into a guest room with a small table set for tea while boots wait beside the bed. An office looks almost as if its occupant has stepped out for lunch.

I’ll show you two other favorite dioramas tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Inside the Royal B.C. Museum”

  1. I absolutely love museums like this! Although I wouldn’t want to live in the “olden days”, it’s fun to see how things were done back then.

  2. Incredible attention to detail. I love that you mentioned there really was a hint of apple pie wafting through the room. It’s the little touches that make the experience, don’t you think?

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