Autumn bark

Birch bark

I liked the look of this peeling bark. I wasn’t able to get as close as I wanted, didn’t get quite the shot I hoped for. But I still like it. I like how the tree grows, the thin bark splits and peels back, exposing the new layer. The old is still beautiful as it is discarded, the tree curling outward as it reveals its growth.

6 thoughts on “Autumn bark”

  1. What Andy said is true for me! Sadly, we don’t have any birch trees in Florida. I loved seeing them along the Great Lakes in Michigan. So pretty…and different. I like how you opted to frame this shot.

  2. Fabulous photo – love the way the bark curls up. These are some of my favorite trees – I always wished I had a tiny grove of them in the middle of my yard.

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