Air Mail

Air mail

I saw this recently on the road into Joyce, a tiny community west of Sequim. The box says “Air Mail.”

I can’t remember the last time I saw a letter with red and blue stripes around its border and “Air Mail” printed below the stamp. But the box made me laugh and the memory of air mail letters takes me back to long ago days when I had pen pals in far away places.

9 thoughts on “Air Mail”

  1. Marvelous. I love things like this that make you crack a smile or laugh unexpectedly.

    Your picture of a flying pig weathervane had the same effect.

  2. Great imagination. I remember the air mail days too – and deciding which letter warranted the little bit of extra postage to send it by air mail, or let it take a bit longer and save a few pennies. I was always excited when I got an air mail letter.

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