Farewell performance

Sand sculpture 1

The final edition of Arts in Action was staged last weekend by the Nor’wester Rotary in Port Angeles. This was the 35th year the event was organized and offered to the community and has been the site of sand sculpture contests that many of us have enjoyed for the past 13 years. There was no competition this year, just three works of sand art offered by sculptors who chose their own themes.

Sand sculpture 2

Sue McGrew, left, and another worker here put the final touches on this piece. McGrew and sculptor Sandis Kondrats designed this gorgeous Poseidon tribute.

Sand sculpture 3

A team from Merrill & Ring created this piece. The salmon at the end of the fishing line is being grabbed by a seal which is being grabbed by an Orca whale.

Sand sculpture 4

I love the look on the boy’s face.

Sand sculpture 5

Members of the Phoenix Dragon Martial Arts School produced this sculpture of the Seahawks stadium.

A member of the Sequim Noon Rotary expressed interest in possibly keeping the event alive. The group as a whole has not discussed this.For now, the event has ended. Fingers crossed that it may yet continue.

8 thoughts on “Farewell performance”

  1. I hope that somehow this event can continue because the artists are so impressive and do excellent work. Each one you featured is a masterpiece in my estimation. I had to smile grimly at the image of the Seahawk stadium since they really tore us (my Packers) apart last week!!

  2. Wow, these are amazing! Hard to pick a favorite but I think the Poseidon tribute ‘wins’. Such incredible detail.

  3. It is amazing that such creative people are willing to put all that work into a transient piece of art. It would be a shame if this festival didn’t continue.

    Loved all the photos.

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