When pigs fly

Flying pig

This is both a weathervane and an idiom. The term “when pigs fly” is common not only in English, but in Finish and a few other languages, too. You can rank the term with the same likelihood as “when grapes ripen on the willow” (Bosnian), “when chickens have teeth” (French), “when it’s snowing red snowflakes” (Hungarian), and “on St. Never’s Day” (Portuguese).

But then, here’s a flying pig. Now what?

6 thoughts on “When pigs fly”

  1. That is a cute one! And I love that deep blue sky. It’s possible I’ve used that expression a few times. 🙂

    Re your comment on O’Malley’s: I’d guess they would serve several Irish ales were you to visit the joint. Advertising is probably not their long suit (speaking of idiotic er idiomatic terms…heh, heh.

  2. oh, i like it!!
    in dutch we say “als pasen en pinksteren op 1 dag vallen” (i.e. “when easter and pentecost happen to be one the same day”)

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