Theme Day: Take Away/Take Out

Take away

Today is Theme Day for City Daily Photo photographers and the theme challenge is “Take Away Store” or, for us in the U.S., “Take Out.”

Modest shops like these are typically unassuming, often family owned, and can be hit or miss. For me, Koto Teriyaki in Sequim is a hit. The owners are very nice and as part of the usual teriyaki and Asian fare they offer a nice yakisoba that’s just right when we need a noodle fix.

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5 thoughts on “Theme Day: Take Away/Take Out”

  1. Since the start of the latest recession there has been an increase in take out stores. I guess more people decided to put their future into their own control.

  2. I very seldom use the convenience of “take-away” since I prefer the experience of eating out. I’d try this, tho, because I’m a fan of Asian food.

  3. Today you talk about camping. Yesterday it was yakisoba. What the heck is yakisoba. Noddles I’m familiar with

    Seriously, locally-owned businesses are to be cherished (if they’re any good.) We don’t have many left in this area and usually when a new place comes to town with a name I don’t recognize I get all excited only to find it’s owned by the Republic of China or something similar!

    Oh, Tim Tebow, you the “kneeler”, and friend have opened up a fast-food joint in Ocala. I’ll let you know if I decided to patronize the place whether it’s any good or not.

    Did I tell you I like the new look of your blog?

    Thanks, too, for all the comments! Always great to hear from you!

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