First we came upon this sweet tweet singing its little heart out, quite a lovely song. I’m fairly certain it’s a female house finch, Carpodacus mexicanus. Update: This may be a fox sparrow. [Thank you, Ken.]

Finch 1

Then, not much further along the trail, here was another one singing away just as beautifully. Birds typically sing to establish their territories, so I guess we encountered a birdie version of “This land is your land, this land is my land.”

And if I’ve given you an earworm with this Woody Guthrie song, my apologies. Click here if you want the rest of the lyrics.

6 thoughts on “Birdsong”

  1. My memories of that song come from Peter, Paul and Mary. Paul is a friend; goes by the name of Noel. And Mary has died. Sad times. Noel does a lot of religious work these days. His website is:

    Love the photos…that first one especially – singing her little heart out!

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