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Long boat

In May, 1792 English Captain George Vancouver led an expedition with the yawl Discovery and cutter Chatham through the region now known as Puget Sound. He and his men were the first Europeans to explore the area and in the course of charting the waters names of his crew were affixed to local landmarks.

Vancouver’s crew used longboats for many of their voyages and two replicas are currently used by the Northwest Maritime Center in youth leadership and maritime training programs. Shown under sail, these boats also have eight rowing stations.

On Monday of this week divers retrieved off the coast of Whitbey Island an anchor they contend was one lost by the Chatham during the 1792 expedition. In several weeks it will be sent to Texas A&M University for verification of its age. Until then it will be on display at the Maritime Center. I hope to take a look at it before it goes. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hmm…’tis a lovely boat but it doesn’t look too seaworthy and by that I mean it appears it could be easily swamped in high seas. I’m a graduate of Texas A&M. So what do I know? Hopefully the anchor will be well-treated and not used as a prop at a football game! 🙂

    Re the Ocala sign: It should read “…no end to fun in Ocala.” Sheesh!

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