In season: long days

Sunset Ft Flagler

It’s not yet the longest day of the year but it’s presently bright enough outside to walk around before 5 a.m. and still see where you’re going at 10 p.m.

6 thoughts on “In season: long days”

  1. It seems to me if you’re going to be up walking around at 5 AM you need to be sleeping before 10 AM. 🙂

    I can’t think of any good reason to be up at 5 except to play golf which is exactly what I’m doing this morning.

    Now, if it does’t rain…

  2. I do love our long days. The birds are now singing by 4:15 – and I try and be awake to hear that every day. I did notice last night that at 10 it wasn’t completely dark – oh how I love the long days. Fabulous photo – so very PNW.

  3. ah yes, here its still light out (well, it starts to get dark) around 10.30.
    i absolutely LOVE it. i really missed that in boston where it always got dark so early….

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