Wild rose

Wild rose

The local native Nootka roses (rosa nutkana) are in bloom. Unlike their fancy domestic cousins, they grow like weeds in hedges that can get up to eight feet high and fill broad expanses. Sun or partial shade, wet or dry areas, they aren’t too fussy about where they grow. Landscapes where they grow now are polka dotted with these wonderfully fragrant pink blossoms that bud, bloom, and fade within days.

Wild rose thorns

When the light is just so, like the branches when flush with new growth, the thorns have a reddish hue.

4 thoughts on “Wild rose”

  1. They are quite beautiful. Are they considered “invasive” and a problem? The thorns I can do without but then they are a rose and a rose is a rose is a rose and has thorns! 🙂

  2. I like these wild roses. We have some around here, but most of the roses are cultivated.

    Yup. I showed the exterior of that place before, but I didn’t go inside until recently.

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