Community Organic Garden of Sequim (COGS)

Community Garden 1

The Sequim Community Garden is in full swing. It offers annual plots of approximately 100 square feet for gardeners who are committed to growing without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Community Garden 2

It looks like plots are coming along nicely. Smaller, raised beds like these are offered for those “who cannot handle the traditional, in-ground plot.”

Community Garden 3

From my experience, it sure is nice to grow and eat your own vegetables. Click here for more information about COGS.

7 thoughts on “Community Organic Garden of Sequim (COGS)”

  1. These community gardens are wonderful. I wish we had some. Well, we have one near downtown but last I noticed, it had gone to pot – so to speak. These days the best thing one can do is grow his/her own stuff.

  2. I think the community gardens are a great idea – there are quite a few in Bellingham – some for organic growers and some for non-organic growers. The strange thing is that the city will till the non-organic plots but not the organic ones – go figure.

  3. Community gardens are excellent. They give people without gardening spaces the opportunity to grow foods of their own.

  4. ah, we have such gardens as well. for city people with no space for a garden, they get one a little outside the city. but they do not necessarily grow stuff to eat…

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