I found this – and a matching one – atop two posts on either side of the entrance to a little country road. I want to call it a “finial” but I don’t think that’s quite it. Finials are architectural decoration on top of structures. Or they’re furniture decoration. So, for now, it’s an official country style whatzit until someone can suggest a better term.

8 thoughts on “Whatzit”

  1. Looks like the birds don’t care what it’s called, either! For some reason this reminds me of a scene in “The Godfather.” Something about an offer that can’t be refused?

    Thanx for your funny comment on Ocala!

  2. It looks to me like it might be a hitching post – tie the horse to that loop hanging down. That’s my best guess – love the photo. Or it could just be a decoration, since one rarely hitches one’s horse to the entrance.

  3. I agree with JoAnn, it looks like a hitching post to me. Perhaps they don’t want horses to continue any further down the way.

  4. I am so annoyed. Hamilton got here first. It is definitely a hitching post arbitrarily sitting on top of a 6′ pole.

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