Have I landed in Oz?

Tin man

This big tin man is located down a road marked with “Do Not Trespass” signs. I left the tailgate of the truck in the shot to provide some scale.

10 thoughts on “Have I landed in Oz?”

  1. When I see images like this my first impulse is the question, “I wonder what the owner is like?” I enjoy people with a quirky sense of humor who aren’t afraid to express it. Not everyone would place The Tin Man on their property.

  2. Great shot – we saw a tin man driving a tractor – I think out near Bow and Edison – he was much older and a bit more rusty.

  3. I love him, I think he’s great! There are also some large “people” along Old Olympic Highway just as you pass Aloha Fencing (on the right)..it’s an old Electrical Company and the trees are growing over them…but you can still see them a bit. Poor neglected things but were once someone’s inspiration!

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