Backyard birds


We’ve enjoyed a little kildeer in our backyard for the last couple of weeks. They often browse in our grass but this one sticks around and got rather upset when my husband mowed behind our septic mounds. Within a day or two our suspicions were confirmed: there was a fluffy little chick that was soon pecking in the grass too. It has moved too fast so far for a photo op.

Canada goose

This Canada goose marched through the yard last week. They’re very common around here but not in our yard. I know they’re not often welcome guests but I rather liked seeing this one goose stepping around…and then he disappeared.

8 thoughts on “Backyard birds”

  1. How wonderful to have visitors such as these. Both species could wander around our small yard any time they pleased. . .don’t I wish!!

  2. Coming from a warmer climate, I have been amazed by the variety and large numbers of backyard birds I get to enjoy here.

    Killdeer and Geese do not stop by my place (though they are nearby). Thanks for sharing, Kay.

  3. The Killdeer and Goose are great – love the way the colors stand out. We’ve seen Killdeer nesting in the gravel of driveways – and somehow they survive.

  4. The killdeer is a good looking bird. I am not familiar with them. Unfortunately, I am quite familiar with Canada geese . . .

  5. Ah…I like seeing your different species of birds! I used to see killdeer in Michigan all the time. I’m not even sure if they exist here in Florida. While you have a goose stepping across your backyard, occasionally I hear geese honking over my house as they’re (presumably) heading out early in the morning for a day trip to the nearby celery fields.

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